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Great that you are here and are considering trusting me with the most beautiful day of your life! Gladly, I will give a short introduction of myself to you.

My name is Sandra Tartaglia. To be with my great love, I moved to Tuscany 20 years ago where I now live with my husband and our wonderful children.

Sandra Weddings - Wedding Photographs

As a native German-Italian I speak German and Italian fluently and also my English is not that bad, and I am well acquainted with both of my cultures, traditions and singularities.


It has always been my strength to plan projects to perfection and to realise this plan punctually, correctly and with lots of dedication and lifeblood. My strengths like a love for detail, curiosity, creativity and being fascinated with beautiful things have always accompanied my professional career.

In Tuscany, I eventually accomplished my dream job which unites all of these things.

I eventually accomplished my dream job as a tuscany wedding planner, which unites all of these things.

Sandra Weddings - Wedding Photographs
Sandra Weddings - Wedding Photographs

Today, I am filled with indescribable joy to be able to accompany future bridal couples from the first idea until the perfect wedding day. I take care of even the most extraordinary of wishes, know the perfect service provider with the lowest fee and hold all the reins tightly.


With a detailed plan, professional coordination and a trustworthy management of the wedding day itself, your wedding will most certainly become a fabulous and unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

I offer you the dream italian wedding in Tuscany that you were looking for!


Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.


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