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The island of Elba: A star in the universe


Thinking of heaven on earth. Sunlight that illuminates the sea and warms the face, the harmonizing sound of the wind through the trees, the feeling of peace and intimacy. This is Elba...

"Would you wait for me forever? Then... you will be with me forever."
Elba Island

The island of Elba is a beautiful walk from sunrise to sunset. As you watch the sun disapperaring into the sea to reveal a sky blankeded with stars. Getting married on Elba is a fairytale, a dream; a dream that can become your reality. Cliffs, mountains, hills that melt into beautiful long stretches of beach.

This is paradise. This is the place you have waited for. Once you choose this paradise, your heart, mind and soul always will guide you back.

Calmness, serenity surrounded by sea, hills, beaches and welcoming people will make this your most memorable day. Your wedding here on Elba will be a journey to a place you never imagined could exist. It is a gem of Tuscany that must be seen to be believed. Elba is for dreamers, travelers, romantics and poets. Sea, mountains, sunrises, sunsets and two people who love each other and who choose to start the next chapter of their story here in paradise. The vows sworn to each other take on a different level of meaning here. 

When you decide to make your dream a reality you will follow it here and it will forever be a part of your life. A dream, because the island of Elba is indescribable, once you experience it you will be forerver changed.

"Would you wait for me forever? I will stay here, but forever I will witness your most beautiful day."

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